The game of questions that connects people, emotions and hearts!

The game of questions that connects people, emotions and hearts!

Learning facility:
Learning facility:
The routine stops us from reflecting on life, or we do it only when we are at our emotional limit. Turn off the autopilot of the “Hi, all good” which is the most phrase we say every day, and even the “Yes, everything” answer, even when it is not. Let’s talk openly about feelings, feelings and thoughts. Dialogue brings life to possibilities and emotional well-being.

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“THE BEST PRESENT IS TO BE PRESENT”, and is there anything better than the exchange of love and respect among people? Talking is one of the nicest ways to unite family, loved ones and friends. This is EYE-FI, a book or game in a box. Each card holds a question (available in four languages). Just pick one and start chatting! The themes are varied, revealing, and sentimental. And if you go for it, boy you’ll be talking!

There are several ways to play this game, all with an important suggestion: don’t get a yes, a no or a never as an answer. Dig into the matter, that’s the essence of playing this game! The understanding of the sentence isn’t always going to be the same for everybody, but don’t worry too much about that. Consider it and answer it according to your own ideas and comprehension. There is no right or wrong here. Don’t judge other people’s comments. And don’t be afraid of being judged. Sincere conversation is a powerful therapy for the simple fact of listening and being listened to, and doing it in a group can be even better!

On your free time, during your holidays, in special occasions, or any day you like. Give your presence, share your time, make real connections, make the wi-fi a mere detail. Use Eye-fi to connect with those you truly love.​

Call the kids to play, too. Through dialogue, parents and children get to know each other more, especially regarding personal opinions and the ability of turning feelings into words. In a world dictated by rules, our intention is that you have fun! There are no losers. With EYE-FI, all are winners. 

Meet the Author

The various stages of our lives make us reevaluate how we relate to ourselves and the people around us. Whether entering into school life, and each of its phases, making career choices, living the gift of motherhood, parenting after a well-deserved retirement, or simply the journey of life filled with magic and emotions.
There came a time when I found myself a bit reclusive and introspective, and I felt it was time to change. And to help in these situations, after taking a course of immersion to self-knowledge and being presented to the most peaceful communication, I began to research new forms of empathy and how to make more sincere and profound contacts with my family, my son and friends, leaving aside the superficiality of everyday life.

With each accomplishment and sharing of accomplishments of some friends, I thought, “Wow, but I did not even know she wanted it so much,” “Really, does she miss it?” How many times have I asked my son, my husband, and even my friends, and I thought, “Wow, how do we know each other so long and I did not know that?”

It has been so many times. With my son, for example, I would see him talking to some little friends and he felt that he was not telling me everything he felt, maybe because I could not access that feeling or trust so that he would say something with me.

And that’s where the key inside me turned and I started to research about real interaction with people. I wanted to ask questions with more meaning, that touched deep in the soul, that made us reflect and even rethink attitudes, challenges overcome, achievements or simply, our life story.

And in possession of many revelations of issues that can really enhance interpersonal relationships and create intimacy, I’ve put together a series of fun, serious, and unusual questions that make you think beyond everyday conversations. How delightful would it be to remember that good time that passed, to rethink our judgments and actions, successes and beginnings, to review how mature our journey has awakened, to rethink situations that we had never realized? A conversation that is not “silly” can make friendships and family ties stronger and more lasting. Dialogue enriches any relationship and does good to the soul.


"I think the game is really great. The questions encourage people to reflect, discuss, communicate, pause and deal with life and all its facets with humor and depth."
Franziska Frey
"I play Eye-Fi in the car with my husband. Since then, the journey has never been boring."
Claudia Ammann
"A relaxed way to get to know the people around us in more depth. And the ease of being able to play in 4 languages ​​makes it even more interesting."
Denize Raschle
"What a delightful family pastime, we love the game!"
Ana Letícia Torres
"We tried to reflect on things that we had not talked about, for example, in the question about an object passed down from generation to generation in the family. , which is so well guarded, that my children had never seen! So we talked about this object and various other things."
Bruna Aeppli
"One of the ways to strengthen relationships is by becoming genuinely interested in the other and connecting through the knowledge of who the other is, what they value, what they like. I found eye-fi to be an excellent tool that facilitates socialization, another and even oneself, through questions that are often not asked in the day-to-day.
Rita Pires
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